Kitty in the Lane

The Brockley Jack

May 2023

WriterÁine Ryan

DirectorJack Reardon

Set DesignConstance Comparot

Sound DesignFlorence Hand

Technical OperatorScarlett Bryan

Kitty waits alone in her kitchen. Her father is dying in the room next door. Kitty wishes he would just hurry up. Kitty wishes her boyfriend, late to accompany her to a local beauty pageant would hurry up too. Kitty in the Lane makes its London premiere with a fresh production at The Jack Studio Theatre after successful runs of the play in Ireland and the USA.

an eye-catching set designed by Constance Comparot which is stunningly brought to life in conjunction with wonderful dynamic lighting that allows this decaying country home to easily morph into vivid vignettes from Kitty’s life. The lighting, designed by Alex Forey, deserves calling out twice. I was excited as each scene progressed just to see how it would shift next; transforming Kitty’s home into a pub then a nightclub, a lonely country road illuminated by a car’s headlights then a misty morning hilltop, all executed flawlessly in cooperation with impeccable, haunting sound design from Florence Hand London Pub Theatres
The mood is greatly aided by some superb lighting design by Alex Forey LondonTheatre1
Constance Comparot’s set and Alex Forey’s lighting change the atmosphere from stark to mystical and dreamlike effortlessly with Jack Reardon’s assured direction Fairy Powered Productions'

Photos by Eamonn Shanahan & Jake Bush