Sleeping Beauty

Mercury Theatre

Associate Lighting Designer, Programmer

November 2023

DirectorRyan McBryde

WriterGuy Unsworth

DesignerJasmine Swan

Set DesignerTina Torbey

Lighting DesignerMatt Ladkin

Sound DesignerNico Menghini

Musical DirectorPaul Herbert

ChoreographerRosie Mather

Associate DirectorChris Neels

Deputy Stage ManagerEmilie Leger

Casting DirectorsJenkins McShane CDG

Assistant DirectorChani Merrell

Lighting SupplierChristie Lites

Carabosse tricks her niece into pricking her finger on a spinning wheel needle, cursing her to everlasting sleep. Only true love’s kiss can break the curse and wake the princess. Now it’s up to her friends, Fairy Fizz, Dame Maris Piper and Spud to find her Prince, defeat the evil Carabosse and save Luna! Will the curse be lifted? Will true love conquer all? Join us this Christmas on an unforgettable wintery adventure to find out!

Photos by Pamela Raith