The Realness

The Big House Theatre Company

November 2023

DirectorMaggie Norris

BookMaureen Chadwick & David Watson

Music & LyricsKath Gotts

Set DesignerTina Torbey

Sound DesignerJulian Starr

Video DesignerMic Pool

Costume DesignerBertie Taylor-Smith

Musical DirectorJoey Hickman

ChoreographerFi Silverthorn

Associate DirectorChris Neels

Stage ManagerLaurel Marks

Lighting SupplierWhite Light

When some people won’t believe you’ve changed, and others don’t want to let you change, it isn’t easy to make a new start. Jay Johnson is fresh out of prison and determined never to go back, but for all his efforts to stay on track, he finds himself making a detour back in the wrong direction. Finally he’s faced with the hardest choice of his life and only then does he understand what he has to do to change things for real. The Realness has an upbeat score ranging from rap to reggae, gospel to grime.

Photos by Alex Forey